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New Swimwear floor in the Atoll Shop!

Thirza Ember of Hypergrid Safari fame has opened a new freebie swimwear floor in the Atoll Shop on Pirate’s Atoll.  She had just opened a lingerie shop on Nara’s Nook which added sizzle to the already hot realm of that romance novel themed writer’s colony.

Now nobody can show up on Pirate’s Atoll and worry about not being properly attired for Tiki Beach. At the moment, all of the creations are for lady avatars, but Thirza assured me that swimwear for men will be coming soon.

Thirza Ember stands in her new Swimwear shop on Pirate’s Atoll

Open Simulator Community Conference & Parties!

If you were there, then you already know that the OSCC for 2014 was fantastic.  If you missed it, then most of the sessions are available by video recording. I am going to go back and watch the sessions I missed.  There were a few technical glitches with sound, media or access (I couldn’t get into the first session), but Fleep Tuque and the team got everything ironed out quickly, and most everything went off without a hitch. There was a fantastic party at the Speakeasy on LFgrid with DJ Walter Balazic, and then the party here at the Atoll went on for more than 6 hours! We had around 50 visitors to the Atoll, and had nearly 30 all at the same time at the peak of the party.

I was afraid that being a Sunday night, not many people would want to come out, but the camaraderie of the conference was so good that people didn’t want it to end. Jaron Lanier once said that the most interesting thing in any virtual world is always another person, and when you get multiple persons all sharing goals and experiences, that is times ten!

Oh, and being a DJ is a lot of fun!

Here are some photos

Crista Lopes/Diva Canto explained the complexity of the hypergrid
Justin Clark-Casey led a panel of viewer developers talking about viewers. Firestorm does NOT get enough kudos!
The writer’s colony on Nara’s Nook does amazing mashups between worlds, writers and books. Their conference exhibit featured a walk through writing prompts by Siobhan Muir that challenged writers to weave a story around them.
Steve LaValle gave a fascinating talk on the neurophysics of the Occulus Rift. Fleep Tuque who coordinated much of the conference is sitting.
Maria Korolov of Hypergrid Business led a panel on whether Opensimulator will survive as a platform. The consensual answer was a resounding yes.
Early on at the party on Pirate’s Atoll, Thirza Ember gave us our own personal spotlights!
Almost 30 of the 50 visitors to Pirate’s Atoll were rocking the house without crashing the sim!
Speakeasy is an amazing venue that gave me lots of ideas for ramping it up on Tiki Beach


Post OSC After-Party Update



Unofficial Start: 4:00PM (PST) with Strangeways Radio broadcasting live on Tiki Beach

Official Start: 7:00PM (PST) with Indie-Dream-Pop DJ Strannik Zipper of Pirate’s Atoll

Dance on Tiki Beach under the stars or the tropical sunset.

Discussion and chill zones on the beach, in the Celidh House Pub and in Caffe Pellegrino.

Floating Pirate Museum and Freebies!

OK, Now I am sounding like a concert promoter or something – enough of that! Come and unwind, compare notes on the conference or just chill and dance to the music!

Hypergrid to the New Tortuga Station and then click the telporter or one of the event posters to get to the beach!

NaNoWriMo Write-Ins @ Caffe Pellegrino!


Yes, I am foolishly taking the plunge once again (almost planning to fail gloriously) by getting ready for NaNoWriMo.  As part of the torture/fun, I am hosting a number of write-ins at Caffe Pellegrino.

Kick-Off Party: October 31st 10:00PM (SLT/PST) to 2:00AM (sooner or later). Come home in your post-halloween party haze and party some more.  Then at midnight, the silence falls as the icy hand of deadline touches you, and you write until your fingers bleed or until you pass out.


A write-in EVERY WEEKDAY starting at 6:00PM (SLT/PST).  I didn’t say we stopped, but we start again every weekday!

Free Virtual Coffee! Free Jukebox Access, Free Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

This is a perfect write-in for parents of busy children, shut-ins or the quarantined.

To come to the write in, hypergrid in and then use the teleporter subway to go to the Caffe.

UPDATE AFTER THE FACT: Since Nara’s Nook was also hosting NaNoWriMo write-ins, I ended up directing everybody to that location.  We’ll see about next year!

Opensimulator Conference After-Party!

You will notice on the Opensimulator Conference Schedule, that the last item on Sunday is the Tiki Beach Dream-Pop Rave at 7:00PM (SLT).  I set the schedule late so as not to conflict with other events, but since there isn’t much happening after 3:30PM, I will get the party started at 4:00PM so that folks in difficult time zones can at least drop by for a while.  There will be freebie gifts for attendees, and in addition to socializing on the beach, you can also discuss the conference at the Caffe or chill in the Irish Pub, or go exploring the newly opened Pirate’s Museum.  Check back here for updates!

Hypergrid Safari at Pirate’s Atoll

We had 19 adventurous avatars (and a straggler or two after the event) come and visit the Atoll as part of the Hypergrid Safari on October 22, 2014.  You can read about it on Thirza Ember’s blog HG Safari.

There was no discernible lag, and nobody lost their hair. Hosting guru Fernando Oliveira had just created a new asset server, which definitely speeded things up. People had fun dancing to th dream-pop beat on Tiki Beach, driving water taxis and other boats, exploring the pirate museum, swimming in (or falling into) the lagoon, and getting the Pirate’s Atoll gift box o freebies.

Bot staff member Betty Receptionist was excused from her usual post on the reception desk at the John Simmons HyperText office, to dance on the beach and interact with visitors.  Some of the things she came up with made folks laugh:

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New Currency Options on Pirate’s Atoll

After many emails and struggle sessions to get VIrwox’s OMC currency working at Pirate’s Atoll, I have given up on it. Even if I had been able to get it working properly (which I was not), the system did not inspire the confidence desired in a virtual world currency. Fernando Oliveira, our hosting guru, left no stone unturned in trying to get this to work, but at the end of the day, Virwox could not really help, and we think the problem lived somewhere in the closed black box of Virwox.  Virwox is still an OK place to exchange virtual currencies, but I don’t see OMC as viable going forward.  Come to think of it, at any of the grids where OMC is installed, I have never seen a successful sale of anything in OMC.

Contrast the month I spent trying to sell myself one of my own prims with OMC, with the 15-20 minutes I spent setting up a store on Kitely Market, leading to a sale about an hour later.  If I put a URL loader in an in-world prim for sale, then clicking the prim goes right to the sale page. Easier to set-up, use and buy with, and it is hypergrid friendly.  The only problem is that Kitely currency cannot be cashed out, and forcing people to use Paypal, also subjects them to a fee.  It isn’t bad, and I will keep a Kitely store, but it isn’t a total solution.

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Hypergrid Safari coming to Pirate’s Atoll!

The Hypergrid Safari is coming to Pirate’s Atoll on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.   This is the group that explores strange new worlds and boldly goes where few avatars have gone before.

This adventurer’s club meets at their clubhouse on the outlands region of Metropolis, and then explores a list of hypergrided worlds on their list. You can read more about them and how to connect in this article.

Join the Safari at the clubhouse at 12:00PM (PST) or come to the islands to greet them when they arrive.