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Getting There

Pirate’s Atoll is a virtual world in the middle of a metaphorical mythopoeic sea, but a real place on the internet. It can only be reached by means of hypergrid teleport from another opensimulator virtual world which is connected to the hypergrid (or metaphorically, by shipping lines that have mythic sea routes).

Visas are not required for short visits of up to three days.  You may inquire about longer stays or applications for citizenship at the visitor center on Hospitality Island.

Once you are in a hypergrided world, you can put the following in your map:

login.digiworldz.com:8002:Pirates Atoll

One of the following URLS may also work:

If you have no idea what any of this is about, It is probably because you have never connected to an open simluator grid (virtual world).  You can get connected with a free account at several major grids.  Here are some places with free accounts to get you started:

  • DigiWorldz: This is now the grid that hosts Pirate’s Atoll. Click the link to get a free account and then pop on over!
  • Kitely, Another fast growing virtual worlds on the hypergrid.
  • Metropolis Metaversum: A large grid based in Germany, also growing very fast.
  • OSgrid: One of the largest and oldest open grids.

There are many others.  Current lists can be found at these sites:

Even if you have never used an Open Simulator grid, you may be familiar with Second Life.  Pirate’s Atoll has a small outpost on Second Life that can be found at Kireyevsky Island.