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Pirate Museum & Village, Black Market Bazaar!

Aaarrh, walk the decks of this old pirate ship to the sound of sea shanties! The museum has exhibits on all things pirate! Then wander around the pirate village with inn, ship supplies and hardtack bakery.  A bit further is the black market bazaar for all of your duty free contraband and legal items.




Surf or Kayak Surf the entire length of a 3 region wave (if you can!).  There is also a wave on the other side of the Pirate museum that will land you on Tiki Beach



Sailing Center

Head to Harbor Island and check out a sailboat. The Tradewinds that kiss the atoll make for good sailing and a way to sightsee all of the islands.




Lost Resort Reef Diving

Experience the tranquil world of the undersea kingdom, and search for treasure aboard the sunken pirate vessel.  If the reef shark threatens you, just tell him that you’re a lawyer.

It is also possible to “snorkel walk” the volcanic reef ridge that connects the islands of the atoll for sightseeing sea hike.


niles_island_1 niles_island_2

Niles Island Movie Studio Tour

Take a tour of the Subterranean Orchard Media™ Machinima Movie Studio on Niles Island.  Self guided tours are available when filming is not in progress.