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Open Simulator Community Conference & Parties!

If you were there, then you already know that the OSCC for 2014 was fantastic.  If you missed it, then most of the sessions are available by video recording. I am going to go back and watch the sessions I missed.  There were a few technical glitches with sound, media or access (I couldn’t get into the first session), but Fleep Tuque and the team got everything ironed out quickly, and most everything went off without a hitch. There was a fantastic party at the Speakeasy on LFgrid with DJ Walter Balazic, and then the party here at the Atoll went on for more than 6 hours! We had around 50 visitors to the Atoll, and had nearly 30 all at the same time at the peak of the party.

I was afraid that being a Sunday night, not many people would want to come out, but the camaraderie of the conference was so good that people didn’t want it to end. Jaron Lanier once said that the most interesting thing in any virtual world is always another person, and when you get multiple persons all sharing goals and experiences, that is times ten!

Oh, and being a DJ is a lot of fun!

Here are some photos

Crista Lopes/Diva Canto explained the complexity of the hypergrid
Justin Clark-Casey led a panel of viewer developers talking about viewers. Firestorm does NOT get enough kudos!
The writer’s colony on Nara’s Nook does amazing mashups between worlds, writers and books. Their conference exhibit featured a walk through writing prompts by Siobhan Muir that challenged writers to weave a story around them.
Steve LaValle gave a fascinating talk on the neurophysics of the Occulus Rift. Fleep Tuque who coordinated much of the conference is sitting.
Maria Korolov of Hypergrid Business led a panel on whether Opensimulator will survive as a platform. The consensual answer was a resounding yes.
Early on at the party on Pirate’s Atoll, Thirza Ember gave us our own personal spotlights!
Almost 30 of the 50 visitors to Pirate’s Atoll were rocking the house without crashing the sim!
Speakeasy is an amazing venue that gave me lots of ideas for ramping it up on Tiki Beach