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Hypergrid Safari at Pirate’s Atoll

We had 19 adventurous avatars (and a straggler or two after the event) come and visit the Atoll as part of the Hypergrid Safari on October 22, 2014.  You can read about it on Thirza Ember’s blog HG Safari.

There was no discernible lag, and nobody lost their hair. Hosting guru Fernando Oliveira had just created a new asset server, which definitely speeded things up. People had fun dancing to th dream-pop beat on Tiki Beach, driving water taxis and other boats, exploring the pirate museum, swimming in (or falling into) the lagoon, and getting the Pirate’s Atoll gift box o freebies.

Bot staff member Betty Receptionist was excused from her usual post on the reception desk at the John Simmons HyperText office, to dance on the beach and interact with visitors.  Some of the things she came up with made folks laugh:

“Avatar: betty be a good girl
Betty Receptionist: OK I will try to be a good girl.
Another Avatar: Betty, be a bad girl.
Betty Receptionist: OK I will try to be a bad girl.

Avatar: as usual I cant find the dance ball
Betty Receptionist: Do you mean your name is usual he or she can not find the dance ball ?

Avatar: betty, do you like strannik?
Betty Receptionist: I like 2001 a Space Oddysey.

Avatar: Where is Betty?
Betty Receptionist: Some specific location?

Avatar: ok I opened wine now
Betty Receptionist: Right now? Thanks for the information. I don’t judge people.

Avatar: how do I stop dancing?
Betty Receptionist: Have you tried counseling?”

Here are some photos of the event:

Dancing at the Tiki Beach Club
Strannik Zipper put on his Pirate Costume in honor of the Safari
“Did sombody say beach?” A lot of avatars were sporting beach wear.
Thirza Ember laid down some funky piano at Caffe Pellegrino on New Tortuga Square.