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Pirate’s Atoll Surfzones now open!


Two big surfable waves now come in from the West. One breaks directly on Tiki Beach, moving over the region sized water to the West of it.  The other wave starts in the West by Surfzone Island and travels 3 Regions to Reefbreak Island! ATA Teleporters allow you to get back to the starting point to ride all over again.  I have one “freeride” surboard and one kayak that you can use.  Try your skills on the waves, and then dry off and dance on Tiki Beach for the SPIRAL MIND DANCE on Friday nights at 7:00PM.

tiki_back    surfzone_back

The waves, surfboard, kayak and seagulls you see on Pirate’s Atoll are all developed by Magic Kayaker, one of the best scripters out there.
You can demo all of his stuff on his Kitely sim, Panthalassa. Be sure to check out his super Kitely Market Store.