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OpenSimWorld looks promising!


Pirate’s Atoll is now listed on OpenSimWorld. The one piece that has been missing from the Hypergrid has been a listing of locations and events with real time data.  Hyperica has been a great list, but with Maria having to do all of the work, it is hard to keep up to date or add grids or events on the fly. Google Plus groups have helped, but with OpenSimWorld, you can look at the website, in-world beacon or hud and get a real time listing of grids if they are running, and how many avs are present.

There is also an event calendar that allows sim owners to instantly list their events.  If this site doesn’t become abandonware like so many others, it ought to be a great Hypergrid resource.

They have an “office” in OSGrid where you can get your own copy of the beacon and hud: hg.osgrid.org:80/OpenSimWorld