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YrGrid has bitcoin, gaming and hypergrid (soon).

Downtown Virtual Macau in YrGrid


Last fall, I wrote about the search for a decent currency that would work on Pirate’s Atoll and the hypergrid. I decided that it had to be bitcoin, and immediately implemented BTC ATMs (web links to blockchain wallet) and a BTC tip jar as an immediate step.  What I could not do is implement a full currency system.  There are scripts that I can use to sell items in-world, and it is already possible to have BTC based web sales, but the currency remained vaporware….until now.

Hypergrid business reported about YrGrid, which implemented the uBTC (micro bitcoin) currency, which is simply BTC in a smaller denomination like a Satoshi. Equally promising is the future use of Mumble for voice, which can be encrypted end to end (unlike Vivox which is NSA friendly).  It is a closed grid for now, but hypergrid access will be coming soon.  There have been no plans to opensource the uBTC currency system, but I am bugging some of the fine folks at YrGrid about doing just that, in order that it may one day become an inter-grid currency.

In the meantime, accounts on YrGrid are free, and easily funded from Podex or your Bitcoin wallet.  Check them out, and give one of those slot machines a spin!