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Pirates Atoll is now on DigiWorldz



After being a standalone region grid for a year or more, we have decided to join a grid. We have had a few successes as a standalone, first run by me on a VPS, and secondly hosted by Oliveira Lands, where Fernando Oliveira did probably a lot more work than he bargained for in keeping up with the demands of a busy standalone! If you are looking for hosting that connects you to an open grid such as OSGrid, he is highly recommended.

As the demands of the sim grew, I decided that it was time to join a grid. Some of the reasons for DigiWorldz:

  • There is already an active music scene there
  • They have a Podex traded currency, making it a viable intergrid currency without the problems experienced in trying to get Virwox’s OMC currency to work. I can still send currency to YRgrid to get Bitcoin goodness
  • 15,000 prim varregions are cheap for the rest of this month (click on the logo if you want to order one, which is an affiliate link that supports Pirate’s Atoll)
  • 24/7 monitoring (good for us night owls that host events when most people are asleep)
I now have some expansion room for a surfing/sailing zone, plus room to add things such as a Honky Tonk and some larger buildings. The region is already up (login.digiworldz.com:8002:Pirates Atoll), and as soon as a few things are fixed, I will have some sort of grand reopening.  But you can visit now!