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Hypergrid Safari brings “Pirate Day” back to the Atoll!

The band of intrepid travelers, suffering through packet, avatar and inventory loss, arrived on the shores of Pirate’s Atoll for a dramatic reading from Moby Dick by Emil Jannings, a partial tour of the Atoll, and a dance party with DJ Strannik.  A good time was had by all.


Emil Jannings kept attendees in raptured attention with the poetry of Melville.
The tour stopped for a rest at Caffè Pellegrino, after allowing everyone to get their own tablet with Moby Dick at the Library
Next was a tour of the Subterranean Orchard Media Soundstage for a pose on a greenscreen set
This led to our explorers being dropped in the middle of a pirate sea battle!
We all ended up back at Tiki Beach for a dance party!

Thanks again to Thirza Ember and her magnificent Safari Group!